Calendar delegation does not work with Apple iCal server

Our calendar system is based on Apple iCal server (OS X 10.6.8, Snow Leopard, iCal server version). In eM Client I can create a CalDAV account and publish the default calendar on the server without problems. However I cannot delegate access to my calendar: when I right-click the account in the left pane and select ‘Delegation’, then the ‘Edit’ button for ‘Change who can access your account:’ is greyed out.

eM Client is by far the best non-Apple client for Apple iCal server, but this is an important missing feature.

That is true - this feature has not been implemented yet.

“Not … yet”: does this mean that you intend to implement this feature? That would really be great! Any idea about an ETA?

Yes, we plan to implement it in the future but unfortunately, I cannot provide you any exact time frame. It depends on lots of different factors.