Calendar Default Reminder Setting


this should be release in 6th version (mid to late autumn) as it is in our TODO list for this version.

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It works I have described it in beta 2 thread


Is this beta available to be downloaded?


Yes, beta 2 is available to download here…


I just downloaded 6.0.19690.0 which I thought was more recent than the beta you mentioned above, but I don’t see the calendar default reminder setting. Is it there, or should I install the above beta instead?

It’s a calendar specific property: right click the calendar and choose “Properties”

Found it! I would have thought it would be under Tools, Settings, Calendar.

So it works when you click on New Event, but if you click on blocks on the calendar and start typing it DOES NOT WORK!!! Jan???

yes, you need to setup default reminder for every calendar folder separately. Calendar account folder does not support this.


But what about making it work when you click on blocks on the calendar to add an event?? I set the default on my calendar to “reminder at 15 minutes” but if I add an even by clicking on the calendar time blocks, the default is NOT set.

Blocks? Anyway when you right click on calendar subfolder and select properties - General Information tab there you should have Default reminder list field.

It will work only for that subfolder so you need to set it for each one you have.


Ok, let me try to explain it a different way. The calendar default reminder setting DOES work when you click on “new event”. However, I rarely enter a new event that way. Instead, I click on the appropriate time slot on the calendar itself and start typing. When a new event is added this way, the calendar default reminder DOES NOT WORK. Please advise.

I now see what you have meant, it is bug and it is reported to developer. It should be repaired soon.


Praise the lord. How will I know when it’s been repaired?

Unfortunately ETA is unknown, but it should be in one of the upcoming patches.