Calendar Default Reminder Setting

You should be able to set the default reminder setting on the calendar for all new events. That way you wouldn’t have to manually edit every calender event to set a reminder.

I agree. Please make this possible ASAP! It’s very frustrating when you add a new event and forget to set the reminder for each one, and a whole day goes by and you have neglected all of your events!

This should definitely be a priority update!

Definitely need a default reminder!

Agreed - this missing functionality is quite dangerous!

a drop-down box in the settings/calendar dialogue is all that we need :slight_smile:

(great suite, btw!)

When will this be implemented?

Definitely need to set a default reminder for all new events!

Another +1 for this feature!

We plan to implement it in one of the eM Client 5 updates.

Add my vote to the addition of a calendar default reminder please.

Any update on when we will see this?

Most probably it will be present in the version 5.5 which should be released in a few months.

Could this be extended to include the default privacy setting.

I agree - it’s tedious to set each time, and easy to forget.

So glad to see this is in progress! Kudos!

Please add this feature!!!

Plus 1 here. Please add functionality to set default reminder times.

Hi - any update on this?

It should be implemented in the upcoming version 6 which will be released in 2-3 months.

and please also coincide with a default length of the new appointment. In addition, the Reminder icon ALWAYS has to be appear in front so can you tell if a reminder has been set.

Ok, we will consider it!

Any update on when this is going to be released?