[Calendar] Default color for a CalDAV celendar is not saved

Hi there,

I have set up a CalDAV calendar for a while now, and it works very well, except a small issue. Small, but annoying: 

  1. For whatever reason, the default color assigned par eM Client to this calendar is pink,
  2. then I change it to purple (using the LHS calendar treeview, and right-click, then “Calendar color”
  3. After some time, or some event, it ends up to be reverted to pink
  4. I checked that “Refresh” was not the culprit: if I do a full refresh, my calendar color is not reset, but it will some (undefined) time later
    Could you have a look at this one please?


Jean-Marc, from France


I have the same issue here. I ́m using Open-Xchange and do have two calenders. One of mine and a shared one. They have both the same color in em Client and it isn ́t possible to change it permanent.


Hi em Client support,

Any feedback on this one? As a developer myself, I guess that shouldn’t be a big issue to fix (though I may be wrong as not knowing the code…).
Anyway, that would be nice to have at least a comment on this from you guys, thanks in advance!

Hi, same problem here with kerio connect caldav server. Unable to save calendar color.

The same issue here.

In our company, we are using a CalDAV-Server (don’t know which type of) and that one delivers the calendar information of each of my colleague. At the CalDAV-Server is stored which color the calendar of my colleague has. And this information (I guess) is read by em Client. 
If I change the color of one of my colleague’s calendars, the em Client tries to persist this information at the CalDAV-Server (which, I guess, is the bug/mistake). But: the color information is read only for me! So this information is not persisted.

So please: add a feature to store the color of a (CalDAV) calendar in the local profile.

One side note: I wrote about this issue 4 or 5 years ago to the em Client support via e-mail. They asked me to open a “feature request” at the forums. I guess no one of the support team has ever read this post here. Really sad!