Calendar copy and paste into calendar error

  • Note * - I recently posted about this error before but could not chase down the cause of the problem. I finally found it and just going to start fresh here. :slight_smile:

I have clients that like to copy and paste into calendar appointments. Ive noticed that when this happens then emclient will choke on syncing and report a connection error to server. The error message I see (in short) is “Start tag on line xxx does not match end tag of Style”.

What I have to do to fix this is export the calendar from the offending account. Then do a search for “Style” and note the calendar appointment. Then pull up the calendar via a browser instead of emclient and remove the html formatting on the calendar event and save. Sometimes this will work. Other times I have to take the exported ics file and edit out the html code , Save, Then delete the whole calendar and re-import the fixed calendar.

Emclient connects to an onsite Icewarp server. No problems accessing the calendar via a web browser. This only is a problem with emclient. Is there a way to stop html code on the calendar appointments? Right now I warn them not to do this.

To reproduce the problem: Just copy and paste some info like a URL link from a browser into the calendar and save.