Calendar & contact sync problems in eM Client 7

since updating to eM Client 7, the automatic synchronization of the calendar and contacts does not work.

In Menu > Tools > Settings


both “Synchronize items at startup” and “synchronize items every 10 min” are checked, but do not work anymore - they used to work just fine in version 6.

Calendar and Contacts are effected.

Manually syncing works, only syncing in the background and on startup does not.

Due to this behavior, thee calendar only updates when actually clicking it, after a few seconds new events finally are synced.

CalDAV and CardDAV of OwnCloud 8 are in use. No problems with other platforms and calendar clients.

Thank you for your help.


I have the same problem… ist this a bug or is that right support??

I put in a pro support ticket for this and was told that shared calendars will only sync manually and this was intended behavior. This does not make sense to me, but that’s what they said. I haven’t noticed for contacts. I agree this should be fixed to conform with v6 behavior.

Thank you! This is not what I would have liked to hear. Version 6 of the eM Client and shared ownCloud calendars have worked just great. This needs fixing!

same here how to fix this.
I have bought licencing already

There are MANY calendar and contact sync bugs with Google accounts and V7. I have detailed and reported them but I’m told these are “by design”…very frustrating.

The major problems I have are that shared google calendars do not update on their own. I have to uncheck and recheck them to sync.

Google contact syncing is a major problem. I’ve reported almost 10 issues including categories not syncing and errors when updating contact details.

Just hitting the refresh button on the calendar page works for me, so it’s not the end of the world. Would be nice to get this fixed, though.

I have a reminder that goes off every 30 minutes to manually refresh the calendar. That way I don’t miss any meetings that are added to my schedule by my secretary.