Calendar Client sends bad request with wrong URL encoding

It seems from the client log that the eM caldav client does not properly handle URL encodings in REPORT requests.
The Request-URI must match the syntax of the encoding used in the M elements in the body verbatim regardless of what the server sent back in the previous response.

So a query like this is wrong:
15:44:00.637|00D| C: CalendarMultigetCommand[email protected]/calendar/
15:44:00.649|00D| <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>/calendars/users/

The client cannot use “@” in the Request-URL and “%40” in the body.

For a similar problem in another client, see this:

Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for submitting this issue. To look at this in context, could we please see the whole logs from the situation you’re describing? If you’ll send them to [email protected], we’ll have a look.

Thank you,