[Calendar] Can't import events from an ics file


I generated an ics file from Calendarscope (v2.6), with 7 events.
Tried to import it in eM Client as follow:

  • “File-Import-Import from .ics file”
  • then, as there is no feedback on what or even how many events were imported, I use search to find them: found only 1…
  • retried with same ics file, but others events are still not imported,
  • removed the imported one, and retried: still nothing more imported

Any clue? TIA

PS: I can provide the ics file, but this form seems to allow only picture attachments.


please make sure you don’t have the ‘Hide Past’ option enabled - eM Client then shows only the events for the future


Thanks for the reply, but where is located that option? Can’t find it…
But I think you’re right, I just changed one of the events to be imported in Calendarscope to have it in future, and now it’s showing up in eMC.
So, just need to find where is that option, checked Settings, calendar props, Accounts, View menu… and, yes, I wear my glasses :wink:
Thanks for your help

It’s on the toolbar on the main screen - if you are switched to the events view, specifically the Agenda view, the button is right next to the Agenda view

OK, got it! Well hidden BTW…

Thanks Tom.

PS : it seems I’m not allowed to set this problem as “solved”, so could you please do it Tom (if allowed) or someone from eM Client? Thanks.

I should have precised that, once disabled “Hide past” as recommended by Tom, I was able to see all my previously imported events (multiple times each BTW, but this is another issue :wink: )