Calendar appointments out by 1 hour

My calendar appointments are all out by one hour compared to when I look at it in Gmail. In Gmail Calendar it is correct, in EM Client it is out by one hour (ahead). I am in Perth (GMT8) and there is no daylight savings…

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using?

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The latest one, then one from the link you provided above.

Hi, what link? Can you tell me the number version from Help > About?

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Hi Alexi,

Based on other messages in this forum, I guess that new appointments should be okay, and that only your current (or old) appointments might be off by 1 hour.

You can solve that by doing a ‘repair’ of the calendar.

  1. Select the calendar in the left column

  2. click on it with your right mouse button

  3. select ‘properties’

  4. select ‘repair’ tab page

  5. click [repair]

I did that and same issue…

Can you please make a screenshot of the issue? And maybe export one of the appointments/events and send it to my email (

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