Calendar Appointment times

Having problems with British Summertime, eg appointment 14.00 but emclient shows 13.00. Appointments imported from iPad. Time zone on emclient shows GMT.

Hello Joan,
does this issue happen on an iCloud calendar?
eM Client takes the timezone information from your Windows OS, is the timezone correctly set up in your devices?
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Check Help>About section for full version number.


Hi Olivia
Many thanks for your reply.
Both PC and iPad are showing correct time zones, both calendar and email show an hour behind. Email is linked into Googlemail, while the calendar and contacts are linked into icloud.  I do have a problem with an ‘imap error’ which keeps comes up when I log on to eM Client, however email, calendar ande contacts come through ok. Version eM client is 6.0.24928.0.