Calendar and e-mail tags that does not sync.

I’m working on the version 7.1.30794.0 with one of my client and the tags that we have put in place don’t seem to synchronise well. So when I put a tag in my client calendar or on an e-mail it does not seem to appear on it’s computer. We are both installed on our computers and modify calendar and e-mails on each sides… What can we do to make it synchronise and make sure that we know what as been done and what is not on each sides. We don’t want to dupplicate the work. Thanks!

Because tags/categories are local only. That is, if you set up two instances of EMC (work & home for example) and put categories on mails, they won’t sync through devices.


Using CalDAV it is synced between devices.

Emails are slightly different because there is no field in the header for category, where there is in an ics file.

Yeah, but not for IMAP.