Calendar allows meeting room to be booked for same time by multiple people

We are running eM Client version 6.0.21040 and when someone creates a calendar event in conference room 1 from 9-10 (or any time), another person can come along and create an event that takes place at the same time or overlaps. The person who creates the second event views the Scheduling tab and sees conference room 1 as available so creates the meeting. The amount of time between events being created does not appear to be a factor. Meetings created a week in advance, or recurring events, will show room as available. The most confusing part, this isn’t a reproducible issue. It happens enough that employees are frustrated because they can’t know with any confidence that a room they reserved will be available when they get there. Looks REALLY bad when a vendor or customer shows up and the room is taken. Any thoughts? We aren’t using Google, Yahoo, Exchange, etc. We have a locally hosted CalDav running on a Mac server. Our users have Windows 7, Windows 8, and MacBooks. I would love for the answer to be “get rid of the Mac server” but that would not be an overnight, nor cheap, fix. Is there something we are missing?

Thought maybe I should add this just incase this has any bearing. Our users don’t always let the IT department know when they have an update available, and since we currently don’t have a group policy that allows us to push updates to everyone, it is quite possible not everyone is running the most current version of eM Client.

Hi Nick, can you please make a screenshot of the issue and enable CalDAV logging for the problematic account?
To enable logging, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced, and check the CalDAV option under your account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    Once you notice the free/busy information is not shown or is shown as free, go back to the advanced settings window, click on “Send logs” and send the logs to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

Also please try to update your application to this version and check if the issue persists, .

Thank you,