Calendar Additional information is not showing at the other invited people

When I create a calender invite with a message in the description it is completely empty at the receiving end. For example when I want to do a conference call and I provide a list of dial in number this is not displayed.

Hello Ronald, not quite sure what you’re suggesting, do you mean that the note is not synchronised with the recipient or that the note is not included in the “invite” email message received by the attendee of the event?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?


When I create a calander appointment I can type information in the description box. The information I place here shows up locally in my calender when I open the event.
However when I go to scheduling and invite others they receive a calenderpoint without the information that is in the description Box.

This could be working as designed? But if so how do I for example supply extra information with the calenderpoint other than attaching a file?

The version I use: 6.0.23181.0

Hello, unfortunately eM Client doesn’t include the option to change the invite content, most servers are handling the calendar invitations automatically (for example Gmail, IceWarp or Exchange), thus whenever you add an invitation to your calendar, the invitation is automatically sent to the attendee’s calendar without the option to adjust the invitation. Follow-up message has to be sent regarding the invitation in this case.

One of our users have suggested to include an option to submit a message to the whole attendee list, we’re currently considering this option for future releases of eM Client, however what you’re suggesting is currently not possible.