CalDav URL for Mac Server 10.5

Just downloaded EM Client, on WIndows 7, for testing in an Apple Mac based office.

Do you have a CalDav URL schema which works for Apple Server 10.5? I have it working with 10.8 server (using […]( uids //) ) but no luck finding a variation for 10.5. Thanks.

Try to use this:

Thanks, George, but not working on 10.5. Keep getting a “Server says ‘unauthorized’. Enter name & password” response from eM Client.

The account name & password are correct and the URL works fine when entered into a browser (with same name & password entered) - shows the correct collection of calendar, dropbox, inbox, notifications & outbox folders. Same URL works in eM on a 10.8 server.

Unless there are other suggestions, I’ll forego the 10.5 server and try and get them to upgrade.

If you want, send us your CalDAV logs. Then I could tell you more.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the same problem with Mavericks Server.

Hi, how did you try to setup the account? It should work as standard if you enter your credentials into the automatic setup window it should be automatically setup?
Are you receiving any errors while doing this?
What version of eM client are you using?

Thank you,