CalDav Unwanted/incorrect notifications being sent

Case 1

A meeting has been scheduled with various parties. Either created by me or another party. I set a meeting reminder for say 10 minutes ahead of the meeting. The meeting notification appears on time and I dismiss it. An unwanted notification is sent to all parties on the meeting invite that I have changed something about the meeting.

Since meeting reminders are for the individual and does not pertain at all to other parties to the meeting, there should be no notification sent in any case. Even more so for dismissing a notification.

Since dismissing a notification shouldn’t send anything to the email sever in any case, it seems that there is a bug in Em Client causing it to tell the email server to send out meeting change notifications.

Case 2

If I make a modification to a calendar entry like adding a note to myself, I am asked whether an update should be sent to all invitees. Even if I say no, an update is sent.

Again, Em Client is telling the server to send out meeting change notifications.

I am using version 8.0.3385 (83a873c). I only recently upgraded to version 8 from version 7. I did not have this issue before.

I have had to stop using my calendar because of all of the unwanted and incorrect notifications being sent to all of my clients.

As a Pro License user, it may be better for you to open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

I have done so but I thought others might want to know about the issue. So far Em Client Pro support hasn’t found the issue but I can confirm at a 95% level that the issue lies with Em Client. Outlook, Android calendar app and the Horde web mail client does not cause any of these issues to occur.


I set up a test user account for Pro Support on the Horde email server I use. Even though the issue was replicated, there was no solution provided. A lot of back and forth but the issue appears to be that Em client tells the mail server to send updates to every invitee on a calendar event any time anything is changed in the event.

I now use Outlook with the Caldavsynchronizer add on (Great add on by the way. It implements CalDav and CardDav for Outlook). No problem now with unwanted notifications going to invitees.

I have 3 paid subscriptions to Em Client so it kind of sucks that I have to use Outlook but it comes with Office365 anyway. Now that I found a way to use it with CalDav and CardDav my business email problems are solved.

Who knows. Maybe someday the folks at Em Client will fix this issue.

My wife still uses Em Client for personal stuff but I can’t use it for business.

Yeah, this is an issue for me also. It’s very annoying and clients often ask what the change is about.

Did anyone ever get back to you with a fix?

I’ve logged a ticket and they are investigating currently.

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Thanks for the reply. I have several posts here about this subject. I even set up a test email for the support people to use. That was a couple years ago now. I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting a solution.

It would be interesting to know if EM 9 solved the problem but it looks like it has a bunch of bugs yet to be worked out.

Let me know if they get back to you.