CALDAV - Support unicode characters in Calendar event titles

Hi emClient Team,

first a big thank you for your emClient.
It works well for syncing my calendars and contacts with my Owncloud installation.

There is a small issue syncing with CALDAV: Owncloud supports birthday events in a separate birthday calendar. The title of the birthdays have following syntax: “<birthday_cake> ()”. Displaying the birthday cake emoji works well in browsers and in smartphone calendars, but in emClient this unicode character (U+1F382) is displayed as non supported character.
Can you please support unicode characters in calendar event titles in the next version of your product.

Thanks and cheers, Tom



Hello Thomas, unfortunately emoji’s are not supported in the calendar event name, however out of curiosity, can you please send us an exported .ics file of the calendar event displaying the birthday event for more information or possible support for the feature in future releases?

Please export the event and submit it as attachment to my work mail with a reference link to this forum topic.



any chance, that emojis will be supported in ics feeds?

Right now I won’t even get the feed displayed, because there are some emojis in the calendar.


This thread may be out of date, as emojis now appear to be supported. I created an event online, and when synced through CalDAV, it appears just fine.

It seems, that only some emojis are not supported, and I meant the Internet calendars, not CalDAV. But thanks for your answer! At the moment everything is working fine.

Glad it is working for you. Can you give an example of an emoji that is not working?

Yes sorry, I guess my reply was more to the original post. They are slightly different, but as far as I know there should not be any difference between how Internet Calendars and CalDAVs are displayed.

I should have opened another thread to avoid the confusion… Unfortunately I could not reproduce the error. I will post if it happens again…