calDAV "server says unauthorised" error

My eM client has been set up with icloud calendar for ages and working no problem. Then 2 days ago it suddenly started throwing the error Password required: “server says unauthorised” with every attempt.  I’ve re-input the icloud password with no success.  I haven’t changed any other settings either in eM or apple before this happened, or even upgraded any software. 

In the meantime it looks like calendar items added to either my laptop eM account or my iphone calendar are not showing up in the other one. Additionally I share calendars with another person - items added on my iphone are showing in his calendar, but not ones added via eM on my laptop… any suggestions? I don’t even really understand what the problem might be??

I have the same problem (started yesterday morning and continues over 24hours later) with icloud contacts - CardDAV server says “unauthorised”.   Updates between iphone and ipad are fine - just the emClient connection is not working.   So is it an Apple or an emClient issue?

I have also the same problem since yesterday with apple caldav and carddav.

I use emclient version 7.1.30440.0

SAME HERE. FOR DAYS. Extremely frustrated.
And I keep seeing posts marked “solved” but none of th solutions work for me.

Got it: Go to your Apple-ID at and turn on 2-FACTOR-AUTH (via your iPhone). Then, back to Apple-ID on PC, and SECURITY => EDIT => GENERATE-PASSWORD. It gives you a 19-character PW to use in EM Client. Works perfect!  Thanks, OLIVIA RUST!!

Same problem here, started late last week, i cant use my icloud calendar anymore. This must be a change on apples side, and em has to issue a bug fix. but they are silent about it. 

It’s an Apple change on 15 June.  Olivia Rust’s reply on this thread details how to solve it.  It’s very annoying but that’s Apple for you… guess they want to make it as hard as possible for people to use software which isn’t theirs……

Yeah. and I don’t drink the koolaid. i just need this to see someone else’s calendar.