CalDav "lp3:calendar-data" error

When trying to add a CalDav account, I emClient reports a connecting to the CalDav server fails. This is a Synology hosted CalDav service with 3 calendars; 2 of them I can add without issue. But the 3rd gives a series of exceptions starting with this;

The ‘lp3:calendar-data’ start tag on line 3176 position 2 does not match the end tag of ‘style’.

Quite possible the content of this particular calendar has somehow been corrupted as this error coincided with some activity (a laptop change, and attempt to re-install eMClient and add the various accounts) which did not go smoothly.

But this same CalDav calendar seems to be working okay with iPhone clients.

Any way to understand what eMClient is having issues with? I can’t seem to track down what “lp3:calendar-data” means.

Maybe if you still have the old laptop, backup eM Client (Menu > File > Backup) on that and then restore it on the other.

Another option is to export the account settings (Menu > File > Export) on the old and import it to the new.