CalDAV doesn't show some events


I’ve been testing eM Client and have noticed an issue while synchronizing some events from a caldav calendar. The problem looks like this:

  • I create a new event for a caldav calendar
  • It immediately syncs with the server (where I can see the event appear)
  • Next time I sync eM Client, this event disappears from eM Client (but not from server)
  • If I modify and resave the event on the server, it appears in eM Client again

I’ve done some digging and found the following:

  • eM Client sends an event in which the LAST-MODIFIED date is 00010101T000000Z
  • my server replaces that entry with a date set to 2192504680605T153007Z
  • eM Client on resyncing prints this in the log:

Sync of item /calendar/[…/uid].ics failed due to the following error: String ‘2192504680605T153007’ was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

I see 2 mistakes here: the server modifies the date to something that’s wrong. I’ve contacted them to have a look at that. I believe eM Client is also wrong however to reject this event and not show it because of that date that I don’t really care about as a user of the calendar. I think eM Client should log a warning, but still display the event because the rest of the event is still perfectly readable and reasonable. Thunderbird can display the same event with no issue for example and it doesn’t prevent it from being useful.

I like eM Client so far, but with this issue I can’t rely on it as a calendar. I’m not sure if this is the best place to report this issue, but hopefully someone who can do something about it will take notice and see to it that the calendar be a little more lenient when it comes to displaying events with invalid data entries.

eM Client version is 8.2.1473 (04b618f)
The calendar provider is Mailo

How do you propose that eM Client deals with a CalDAV event that has an invalid date?

On what date is Thunderbird displaying the event with the invalid date?

Hi Gary,
please note that the date that is invalid is the LAST-MODIFIED date. That date is not in any way useful to display the event. Start and end dates are valid and are used in all other clients I’ve tried.