CalDAV / CardDAV with SOGo synchronization failing; Trying for find "Mail" folder


After adding an account in eM Client for contacts using my SOGo account eM Client tries to synchronize and fails. It gets the same error 8 times: “[CalDAV / CardDAV] Subfolder synchronization for folder “Mail” failed due to the following error: Forbidden”.

The other day when I was first working with eM Client it worked fine. But in trying other things in eM Client I’ve since uninstalled/reinstalled eM Client several times. Now eM Client has this issue with CalDAV / CardDAV.

The part of this error that makes no sense to me is why eM Client is looking for a mail folder when setting up an contact account. When I look at my contacts in SOGo there isn’t a “Mail” folder.

I look forward to any help.