CalDAV, CardDAV Sync issues with /public/

I am encountering an issue with my setup. Some but not all, of my eM Client installs are failing to connect Contacts and Calendars with the same settings as other that are successful.
There are no Errors reported, just an operation that never completes.
The Operations tab indicates the following:
[accountname]: Synchronizing subfolders
[CalDAV / CardDAV] For folder [accountname]/public/

The server is an Apple OSX 10.8.4 running Apple’s Server App.

The sync never times out nor finishes and as a result, no contacts or calendars are available.

I am configuring all CalDAV / CardDav accounts exactly the same
https://[domain]:8843/addresbooks/ where [domain] is my full DNS record for my server (example:

What ever it is, seems to follow some setting on the computer as I have tried to configure a user that works perfectly on a different PC and ended up in the same limbo. All PC’s are the same make and same configuration.

Any ideas how I can get these PC’s working?

Send us your CalDAV log please, it will provide us more information. Thank you.

Log files sent.

Did you get the log file I sent?

Of course - our technicians will analyze it and will let you know as soon as they find anything.

https://[domain]:8843/addressbooks/us… Adding the "/users/[Username]/ to the end fixed the problem.

https://[domain]:8843/calendars/users… Works for calendars.

I’m not sure why the auto setup did not work, but the proper syntax for accessing Apple Server 2.2.2 services, and other supported platforms, should be added to your FAQ and perhaps your help.


thank you for your information. Automatic set up sometimes does not work even for emails - it all depends if server sends all information needed. Sometimes it does not respond to all queries so it is not properly set up.

Anyway do I understand good that now it is working for you?