CalDAV & CardDAV not working in emClient v8


I am a PRO user from time ago. Until now we are working in EmClient v7 syncing with Memotoo CardDAV & CaldDAV on line sync services without problem…(

Now, I have updated to EmClient v8 (Last version 8.1.1054 (582ba95)) but CalDAV & CardDAV dont work anymore!!! Ii I go back to version 7 everything works again

The system does not return any error and everything seems to work fine, but only the local folder is generated in the calendar and in the contacts and the “online” folder of the DAV service is not generated to be able to select it when configuring the accounts …

I need urgent help because it is a professional account that I use in my work every day.

Thanks in advance

Can you update to the latest version in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

If that does not help, you should open a ticket with eM Client Support.

Thanks Gary, I have upgraded to last version (8.1.1060.0) and the problem is still unsolved !!
I will open a ticket in the official customer support