CalDAV Autodiscover

Hi, can you tell me if this software supports autodiscovery for CalDAV. Thanks

If you explain what you expect as “autodiscovery for CalDAV” I possibly can give you an answer.

I have possibly the same issue and can explain it.

I use a private domain on Zoho for email, contacts and calendar. I’ve configured autodiscover for email, such that when I create an account of eM Client, I can type in my email address and it autodiscovers the email settings, configures them and once I add a password works perfectly. It doesn’t add my calendar and contacts from Zoho though. These are both DAV accounts, using the same credentials but different base URLs from each other, and from IMAP and SMTP. What needs to be configured to allow auto discovery of both CalDAV and CardDAV using just my email address?

To date, I have working SRV records for _autodiscover, _caldavs and _carddavs and they all point to real/sensible locations. I have an autodiscover.xml file I can edit. I’ve confirmed all of this is “correct”, as eM Client finds the email settings, and DAVdroid finds the CalDAV and CardDAV.

I can’t find if/how I should modify the autodiscover.xml to make this work or not.