CalDAV and CardDAV in version 7?

Trying to use Internet Calendar in EM7. I am using the same link I use in Thunderbird, which works perfectly in Thunderbird. However, in EM7, I see no appointments.

Are there specific setup steps I need to follow to use CalDAV in EM7? When I subscribe to the Internet Calendar using ‘Tools\Subscribe to Internet Calendar’ it appears to accept the link I paste in, but I am never prompted for credentials or anything. I assume CalDAV is supported in EM7?

Also, is CardDAV supported in EM7 for contacts? I want to subscribe to my CardDAV address book, but I cannot find where I can create an address book using CardDAV.

FWIW my provider for CardDAV and CalDAV is PolarisMail.

Let me know, and thank you for your assistance.

After further digging, I found my answers in this post:

In short, you have to add a CardDAV or CalDAV account using the account wizard, and choosing Calendar, or Contacts to use CalDAV or CardDAV.

glad you found your answer here on the forum :slight_smile: If you need any help again, don’t hesitate to consult us here again.