calander not syncing

I’ve just tried emclient to get my hotmail which it does without any problem but it reports an error when it tries to update the calander. When I first installed it it updated the calander ok but now it doesn’t. I get the error message - remote server returned an error (503) server unavailable. But it can’t be if it’s getting the email. Help please

I am having the same issue! please help

It doesn’t look like there’s much chance of getting help here. Best of luck!

How did you set your account up? ie IMAP, Exchange, or what?

Emclient did it automatically. I have a hotmail account I was accessing via Windows Live Mail using Windows 7. My laptop is too old to upgrade to Windows 10 which Microsoft want me to do so I’ve tried switching to emclient. Everything worked fine. Installation was easy, emclient logged onto my account fetched all my emails, synced calendar and all was fine for a few hours. Now it always syncs emails but doesn’t always sync calendar. It might fail to sync calendar for several hours and then will the be ok again for several hours. It’s all very frustrating. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you

Can you check whether your Microsoft account has been migrated to the new system yet by Microsoft.  If so, set up Exchange account in eM Client.

See instructions here

Thanks for this. I have checked and I’m still

If you need your calendar to sync, I suggest you use a browser to access your account until Microsoft have migrated your account - all supposed to be done by end July.

Ok I’ll stick with it a while longer. Calendar syncing fine this morning so far. Thank for your help

Hello Stephen (and everyone else in this thread),
we’re sorry for any issues with Microsoft accounts, unfortunately we cannot predict all syncing issues with while they are migrating all the accounts to the Exchange protocol.
It’s just as John mentions though, and you will need to re-set your account as Exchange when all accounts are migrated.