Calander Entries


I may be missing something but I have a question. When I have more than one entry to make on the calander, the only option after completing the entry is to “Save & Close”. This results in calander closing and then I have to go back in to add the other entries. Could there not be a “Save” option to enable further entries without closing the calander?

Maybe I am missing an option somewhere but it would be nice to enter all new events and then when finished hit “Save & Close”.

I think you want a Save & New button, but eM Client doesn’t have that option. Once you have finished creating your event, and clicked on Save & Close (1), you can create another new event by clicking on the New button (2).


Hi Gary…thanks for the reply!

I understand what you are saying but when I click on “Save & Close” EMC closes completly and then I have to re-open on the task bar and then enter a new event. The calander does not stay open to enable just clicking on “New”? Not sure why the program closes completly but it does?

That should not happen.

What version of eM Client are you using?

If it is not the latest listed in the Release History, can you download and install the most recent and see if there is any difference.