Cache images from html emails

In the settings, I set “Download all e-mails”. The synchronization is over. But when I click on the letter, I see that the pictures are downloaded from the Internet. What am I doing wrong? Or the pictures from the HTML e-mails are not cached?


If the images are embedded, then they are part of the message code. This setting will download the message when it arrives, so the full code of the message, which includes the embedded images.

If the images are linked, all there will be in the message code is a url of where to find the image. These images are not downloaded with this setting because they are not part of the message, and will be displayed directly from the specified server when you open the message. The sender just provides a link to an image, which they can periodically change on their server. So every time you open the message, you should get the the most current version of that image.

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Thanks Gary. I understand