Button to easily copy contact's email address

Hello – First of all, thank you for developing this high quality email client. It has been wonderful to use.

My one feature request: Make it easy to copy the email address of the contact, in the sidebar. You could do this by adding a simple “copy” button. Ideally, it would be where I’ve highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below.

This would make my life so much easier – especially for customer service emails, where I usually have to copy the email address so I can look it up in another system.


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In the sidebar, if it is one of your contacts, you get the option on right-click to copy address. If the sender is not in your contacts, the option is not there. But on right-click you get the option to add them to your contacts.

You can of course just copy it from the email you are previewing by right-click on the sender’s address.