Bundle Conversations Together

Hey there,

I really love using EM Client for our office. It has by far been the best option. We used to use Thunderbird then Postbox. After having about 10 computers using the same emails with the IMAP connection, we had nothing but issues. So many connection errors and sometimes people would never get an alert there was new emails for them.

So since switching we have no issues.


Something that would be nice to have are as follows:

Whenever there is a compilation of replies and so forth, it would be nice for it to become a “conversation” per say. Postbox did this and did it well. It is nice to be able to see all of the replies attached to one email rather then going through the sent folder and/or using the search to find the info. It’s one of those things that can save a lot of time.

Another thing that would be great is, if someone creates a folder that is not formatted correctly, if when that happens, it would just not accept it. Instead, we get an “Operations” log that pops up every time we start the client. It tells us the same thing over and over. Saying that there was an error creating a folder. Then you click ignore or hide and you get it next time you close and open the client…

That can get real frustrating because now there is no way at all to stop this unless you literally remove the email account and re-add it. This takes way too much time and also, I am the only one that can do it, so takes all my time away from me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Once again great product, just would be great to have a couple fixes.