Bugreport: emClient Android and invalid SSL

The android client just going into an endless loop doing nothing when the certificate is expired or incorrect. The desktop version ask a permission to connect or not. The android client should do the same!


It depends on the kind of failure whether you will be asked or not. Unfortunately some are hard failures that cannot be user-approved without compromising the security of the app, so we won’t allow that.

The best option though, is to just fix the certificate on the server. It is there to verify you are connecting to your server and not one pretending to be yours, so if the certificate has an error or has expired, that is a security risk. Contact your email provider and ask them to fix it. It just takes a minute and normally doesn’t cost anything.

Of cource but emClient desktop accepts it and 2nd instead of doing NOTHING and waiting to load NOTHING it could through an error dialog!