Buggy EMClient 3.5.1280.0

Though the first impression is very good, I have to say, the 3.5 is completely buggy, it’s not working as expected.

  1. I tried to remove the automatically created folder [gmail] without any success. PLEASE STOP CREATING NEW TAGS ON MY GMAIL ! I WANT NONE OF THOSE. I need to check mail from web and other devices as well, having those tags created are nightmares

  2. I tried to enable offline use, its downloading all the time, it never completes, and the email content seems not match the original ones (many mails get same content where it should be not)

  3. My custom folders keeps on disapearing / then re-appear some minutes later when i mark an email as read or unread after some sync. This is frustrating, i can not view another email until then :frowning:

Very sad to say, fast and free but not stable enough for normal use.

Here are some feature suggestions

  1. Message count for folder (unread/total)
  2. Completely hide/remove the auto [Gmail] folder (moving everything out ?)
  3. Wordwrap / search / filter / highlight on mail quick view
  4. Batch mode (combine replied messages hiding quotes)
  5. Small quick reply area below message view (like chat)
  6. Option to show/hide specific folders

thank you for your suggestions. We added them to our todo list and will consider the implementation of these functionalities. It depends on the number of customers, who will require this feature.