BUG with mailto link in emClient

I have found that a mailto link which works in Outlook and Thunderbird, does not work in emClient. emClient source says the following for the link which does not render correctly in an email. Also, emClient attaches 3D, which Thunderbird and Outlook don’t. May be the 3D that you attach causes all the problems.
But there is now way for me to post the email source from emClient as I cannot attach a file.

BUT this is a BUG for sure with your product.

The a link is as below
=3DSupport%20Vendor%20Related%20Question’ target=3D’_top’>Send Em=
ail to Contact Users of Vendor=

The above link does not work in emClient but works in all other apps like Outlook and Thunderbird .

Please ignore my question. In emClient everything in the mailto part needs to be encoded unlike Thunderbird or Outlook.
So mailto:“FirstName LastName”<ab@cd.com>,“FirstName LastName”<ef@gh.com>
needs to have all double quotes, comma, greater than, less than and @ occurrences in encoded form. Look at this page for what encoded string to use: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_url…

This is not a good feature as Outlook and Thunderbird will easily accept unencoded mailto part.