BUG WINDOW "Composing message (This operation may take a while to complete)"

When I reply to a letter and attach several attachments, the program freezes with this window.
“Composing message (This operation may take a while to complete)”
Composing message

Only killing the process helps. At the same time, newly created letters (with and without attachments) are sent normally

I’ve had that message window sometimes appear when I compose a brand new email with a lot of large attachments and go to send it as eM Client has to sync the attachments to your server.

So it appears like it’s frozen, but it’s actually just “still synching the email and attachments in the background” and normally can just take time depending on the size of your attachments and what’s in the email body. Eg: If you have alot of inline images etc in the body of the email apart from actual attachments, that can also slow the initial compose sync server time.

So when you see that message just wait and it will eventually disappear. It might take a few minutes to sync, but will eventually go away.

If it doesn’t, could be you might have an outdated or older version of eM Client and need updating. You can check for all the various versions of eM Client via the release history page.