Bug: when importing messages folder from other account of Thunderbird

Assume I have an account in Thunderbird for the following address:


with the subfolder “specialarchive” consisting of a dirtree of hundreds of messages from the past.

Now I want to import excatly this folder into eMClient but to a folder “newspecialarchive” and under the different eMClient account


Be aware: The source account foobar@yahoo.com does not existing yet in eMClient only foobar@gmail.com.

So the whole import operation would be a cross-account and cross-folder action.

Clicking through the Import Wizard seems to work at first.

But when I look at the result then:

  • the source account is created in eMClient
  • the source message dir tree is copied to the orirginal location below the just created account and NOT to the user specified target folder
    This is a bug.

Al least a warning should popup: “cross-account imports not allowed” or something similar.

Could you fix this in the next release?

Thank you