Bug: When backing up selected emails emclient asking whether to skip or overwrite for each email!

I just installed emclient. I want to back up some of my messages. back up usually consists of a large selection. Now I was surprised to see that emclient asking whether to back up or overwrite certain files. Why would emclient do that? I need all my emails to be saved just as they are. What is the need to overwrite or skip or rename attachments etc? THIS IS A BUG. The software becomes unusable. However the main problem is that it shows that the emails and attachments will not be saved as they are and therefore cannot be retrieved in their original form if anything is skipped or overwritten or renamed.

Where is the question of skipping or renaming etc when emails are being backed up or copied? Every email is sent or received at a different time and attachments are related to that email. When there is no such need receiving and sending emails where is the question of this being asked by the software when simply copying/backing up emails?

Are you backing up via the built-in eM Client backup “Menu / Backup” ?.

To backup your database, use Menu > Backup.
This will create a snapshot of the database at the time the backup was made. It is a single zip file for the whole database, and you can use that at a later time to restore eM Client to the state it was when you made the backup. You will never be asked if you want to overwrite as it is impossible to make consecutive backups with the same file name.

To export messages, either select the messages and choose Save As, or use Menu > File > Export for whole or multiple folders.
This will save each message as a separate individual eml file. Each file contains not just the message body, but all attachments as well. This is the full original message as it will be on the server.
If there are two messages that may end up with the same name, maybe because there are duplicates in eM Client, you will be asked if you want to rename, overwrite or keep both.

If you have used the Save As or export option, and later do the same, if files already exist with the same name, you will again be asked if you want to rename, overwrite or keep both.

Can you please explain how this is a bug, and I will be happy to open a bug report for you.