BUG - Unread populated with mail marked as read by a rule

I have mail marked as read by a rule as it’s received.

I have my Unread folder selected by default, the mail I’m trying to keep out of the way still shows up in the Unread folder.

I’m forced to select another folder and reselect Unread in order to clear out this mail.

Can we see a screenshot of the rule?

Sure… rule-mark-as-read

Is this an eMC windows rule?
I ask because I am not familiar with “received using”

It simply isolates the rule to just one of my accounts.
I have 5 accounts and included this just in case it sped up the rule processing.

Maybe you only have one account loaded and so this rule option is redundant?

Reproducible sanity check. I too created a rule that marks certain emails as read and moves them to a folder. I set startup as @user2 has to the global unread folder.

The email does indeed show up under Favorites / Unread, even though the email itself is not marked as unread. Once I click away and return, it’s no longer there. Happy days…

True, only 1 account under control of eMC… I’ll take a back seat.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the rules

There seem to be a few complaints about how the Unread folder is managed.
I suspect people are relying on this to folder to behave in very specific ways.

I have a lot of mail that I need to collect in case I need it later, e.g. logs from systems I monitor.
I get a lot of this mail and having it show up my Unread folder stops my Unread folder from serving it’s purpose.

Are these forums monitored by eM Client developers?
I have yet to come across the eM team taking any interest here.

Yes, I’ve had other problems with unread mail. I reported it here, but I don’t know if it’s made its way into the hands of anybody that can do anything about it.

There are some people - or at least one that I know of @Gary - from the EMC team that respond here.


Are these forums monitored by eM Client developers

Yes eM Client devs do monitor this user forum, and sometimes do also reply.

I can reproduce this, and observed while sitting in the Unread folder that messages arriving and being marked as read by a Rule remain in the Unread folder until I move to another folder.

Our developers say that this is intended behaviour. I guess that this is because the message arrives as unread, so it displayed there, but immediately get marked as read by the Rule. The read messages will remain in the Unread folder until you move to another folder.

The only way around that is to create a server-side filter to mark the messages as read and move them to the folder. Then you won’t see them in the eM Client Unread folder.

Hi Gary,

I’ve tried that, HostGator give me no way to mark mail as read. I just spent 20 minutes on a chat with them to confirm that it cannot be done on my mail server.

Are you sure the intention is for mail specifically marked as read to be in the unread folder??

I suspected this was an unintended symptom of the fact that the unread folder is populated with mail prior to the rules being run. And that trying to update/refresh the unread folder after the rules had been run would lead to other undesired behaviour.

Would it be possible to run the rules on mail before the mail is released to the folders?

Actually, a much better change would be to allow more control over specifically which Accounts and sub folders are included in the special “All Inboxes” and “Unread” folders?

This is a real problem for me. I switched to eM Client for better “smart/consolidated” folders and conversations views. I need to rely on my unread folder to stay productive.

This morning when I woke my PC 200+ emails arrived, they all landed in my unread folder, 95% of these I don’t need right now, I need them dealt with by my rules and pushed out of the way. I sat and waited for more than a minute for all the mail clearing and rule running to finally complete so I could force an unread folder refresh and locate the mail I actually needed to read and respond to.

I may have found a workaround… actually better than a workaround.

“Search Folders” are brilliant, I was very impressed when I saw these are live and continue to update.

They provide a huge range of control and as I can custom select the folders to include it appears I can configure my own “Unread” folder and have it behave exactly as I require.
I can even build a variation of “All Inboxes” that suits me better.

I also just discovered that I can display my custom search folder under Favorites :grinning:

If there was some way to style my folders (custom icon, text colour), as per:

… and add an “Unread Mail Count” beside the search folder that would be almost perfect!!

I’d been undecided about my move from Thunderbird (having used that for more than 10 years) but these recent discoveries have made my mind up.

Very impressed with eM Client, I’ll be upgrading to Pro any day now.