[BUG] Uninteded permanet mail deletion

When deleting a mail, then pressing ctrl+z recovers the mail.

When deleting the mail again, pressing ctrl+z again, the mail will be deleted permanently!

I believe you are correct,  I too see this behavior.  I thought maybe it would still be in the All Mail folder, but no.

VERY FRUSTRATING. “CTRL+Z” = UNDO BUT FOR EM CLIENT IT MEANS RECOVER THEM IMMEDIATELY PERMANENTLY DELETE.  No matter if you use control+z or the undo option within the menu the email appears for a brief second in the mailbox then deletes and can’t be found. I’m going back to Outlook and will use a paid service tool to sync my calendar and contacts. This bug has been going on for multiple version and I have installed the client on multiple PCs with a clean windows installed. THIS IS A BUG in their code. 

Is it just the selected email that gets permanently deleted.  Does this only happen on the second time trying to delete the same email and then using CTRL+Z?

Yes only the selected email. Example, I will try to describe it as best possible.

  1. highlighted email in the Inbox folder is deleted by pressing “delete” on the keyboard.

  2. Press crtl+z or Undo pulls recovers the email back to the inbox. *As it should but this is were the issue happens*

  3. Recovered email appears in the inbox for a brief second then disappears from your entire Mailbox. 

I use Gmail services and have gone to the web app to look for the email and it is totally gone. I have previous about 3 version back reported this problem and nothing. I dealt with it by changing my work flow and not deleting as much but out of habit, I am a heavy Outlook users,  I deleted something this morning very important. I can’t risk loosing important data; because of this bug I am stopping using eM Client - just too risky. 

When I delete from the inbox or any other folder except Junk it goes to the trash.  I then have a second opportunity to delete from the trash after re-considering.

Is this what you do?

No I hardly ever access my trash folder. I mainly work of the Inbox… I am running the Undo from the Inbox folder. 

This is definitely a “bug” in that it should not happen and it seems to be a problem only with Gmail.  And yes, it has been around for many releases (probably back to 7.0).  I just don’t use the [ctrl]-z option, but instead use the mouse to drag and drop back into inbox.  No problem with that.

Yes, I like eM but this morning this bug caused big time. Instead I rather use Outlook and have a paid service to carry over the contacts\calendar. https://www.companionlink.com/google-sync/outlook/ works great. 

That’s great if it works for you.  Unfortunately, the lack of a unified inbox in Outlook is a killer for me.

 CTRL+Z is a good tool to use in certain situations but I prefer working within the program as much as possible…I find it more reliable.

Yes. That has always been a killer for outlook.

I understand the problem you’re having is more related to the lack of co-operation between client and server.

I believe you are correct.  It does seem, however, that eM Client could fix this issue on their end.  On the other had, not a real big issue.

All good now. Switched to Outlook and CompanionLink. Worth the 50 bucks plus I know I am working with a much stable email client. 

Hi all,

Unfortunately, this issue is linked to the Gmail labels that function as regular folders. Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to fix it because of the specific Gmail solution. For other accounts that Gmail, this feature works without the issue.