BUG: text selection image is not erased

This is a bizarre bug: while composing an email I selected some text. I inadvertently dragged it, creating a text selection image. I think I pressed ‘Escape’ to abort the drag, but the text selection image was not erased. In fact it remains in the foreground even when I switch to another application: you can see the selection here (in blue) in front of the Forum web page!

The only way to get rid of it was to exit from eM Client.

Version installed: 6.0.20631.0

Edward Leigh

Hi Edward, unfortunately we are aware of this bug, but when it was first reported we’ve found out that this is actually due to an Internet Explorer bug,
eM Client is using some of IE’s components for important features. Unfortunately there’s not much to do at the moment except keeping your Internet Explorer up to date.

We’re currently working on features that would allow us to avoid using IE’s components, so hopefully this will be fixed in future releases of the application.

Thank you for understanding,