BUG : Sent emails through eM Client not showing correctly in Outlook.com

I think there’s a bug eM Client specific to Outlook.com.

When I send an email using eM Client and view the Sent folder in em Client, it who I sent the email to, which is correct behavior.

However, if I go to the web version of Outlook.com and look at the Sent folder, all the emails composed in eM Client shows the From instead of the To!!!

Basically all the emails that I compose through em Client are exhibiting this behavior where if I look at the list of emails on Outlook.com, it shows my email address as the sender instead of the recipient of whom I sent the mail to.

This looks like a bug…

See attached screenshot. I had to blur out names etc but you can see the evidence.

To recreate; here’s the steps

  1. In eM Client, send an email to any person

  2. In eM Client, look at the Sent and you will see the message correctly

  3. Log into Outlook.com and look at the Sent and the sender email (yourself) displays as the recipient.

I followed your steps, but can’t replicate this problem.
Could you maybe do this with a test email and then export it as .eml (separately in eM Client and outlook) and send these files to me at rust@emclient.com ?

Best regards,

Hi I sent the email. do you see anything wrong?

Hi Raymon,
I got your email, is the .eml file exported from eM Client or outlook.com ? Because it all seems to be in order…
And yes, I did test it out on Outlook.com and didn’t manage to get the same result, that is very strange… Could you please send me the eml files again, this time Both the one exported from eM Client and one exported from outlook.com so I can compare them?

Best regards,

Hi Olivia,

The file I sent to you was directly exported out of eM Client. I can resend it to you again but I am curious is there a problem with that?

Also, I’m not sure what you mean on exporting it out of Outlook.com because Outlook.com is web based. There is not application/client to launch and save the email as an email file.

I tested the scenario with another Hotmail.com account and it showed the same exact symptoms. So I wander what is it that you did that is different.

Can you send me a screenshot of your tests? Perhaps there’s something different.


I tried to test this again to send you my screenshots, and suddenly I managed to replicate your issue and can’t seem to get the previous result. Very strange, I’ll consult the issue with out developers and we’ll see what we can do to fix it in future releases.

Best regards,

Hi… have you been able to identify the bug?

unfortunately we made no progress with locating this issue in version 6.
But I just tested this in the alpha release of version 7 and the issue is not present, if that is any consolation.

Best regards,