Bug report: searching "move to" folder

When using the search function in the “move to” dialog, the actual folder I am looking for is not displayed - it expands the folder tree but stops one short.

So the results of a search look like this:

(Continuing in reply because I need to embed a second image)

The results I expect would look like this:

It’s easy enough to work around, but expanding that last folder is an extra and unnecessary user interaction. I assume the current behavior is not what was intended.

Yes unfortunately this has always been a problem for me as well. eM Client Copy to folder or Move to folder search won’t search directly to “Sub Folder” names when typing a few letters in the search at the top. Only the “Root folder” parent name.

Its not a bug from previous threads on this topic, and currently the way its designed. I hope this though can be modified in the future to allow for searching directly to sub folder names as well as parent.