Bug on Recurrent Events in Calendar in MacOS eM Client 9.2.1222

I have found a different behaviour in other Calendar cliente and eM Client on interpreting the provided information for recurrent events. Thus, it may be a bug.

I have a weekly calendar event that ends on a specific date. eM Client does not show the event in the ending date (it seems that excludes that date from the valid period) but other calendar managers show that final occurrence in the last day. I would say the last is the expected behaviour.

Moreover, the attached figure shows the recurrent event in which the “example” feature considers the last date of recurrence (22/12/22), but the calendar on the left does not show the expected occurrence. So, I presume it is a bug. If I change the ending date to 23/12/22, the recurrence on the 22/12/22 appears.

Let me know if you need further information.

I was not able to reproduce this so it could be you have an older version of eM Client. If you are not using 9.2.1222 please download and install it from the Release History.

Otherwise, who is the calendar provider where this event is saved?


I’m using last version as you pointed in MacOS Ventura. The provider is Microsoft Office 365. Thanks for the quick reply

Sorry again, is there any update on this issue?