BUG: Not all dates are shown

ich habe drei Kalender aus meiner Owncloud im emClient. Ansich funktioniert alles.
Allerdings verschwinden manche Termine aus der anzeige bzw. darüber ist ein anderer Termin.
Normalerweise rutscht der davorige Termin drüber/drunter. Bei manchen allerdings nicht, so das man einen von beiden dann nicht mehr sieht. Schaltet man dann einen Kalender aus, ist der Termin wieder sichtbar.

i have 3 calendars in my emClient. Some Dates are missing when i enable all calenders.
Then the diffirent Dates are not next to another. They are on top of another. Then you dont’t see both Dates from the same date at different times. Just one of them. If i disable one calender of both, the missing date is there.

I can put some screenshots.


Hello Pat,

Thank you for contacting us. Could you please enclose the screenshots? Right now it sounds like this is what is happening: what eM Client displays depends on how much space it has available, so if it only has a little space it only display the event’s name, if it has more space it display time ,…


Here you see the two days if all calenders are enabled.

If i diable calendar Patrick, there will be the missing date at Saturday the 3nd.

If i disable calendar Gemeinsam, there will be the missing date at Sunday the 4th.

This happend only sometimes. When i delete calendar Patrick and Gemeinsam and add them again, The Dates will shown next to each other, like expected.

Hello Pat,

Thank you for the details. If you encounter such a situation again, could you please export one of the events that doesn’t always show into .ics (right-click the event and select ‘Save As…’) and send it with a link to this thread to hester@emclient.com so we can have a closer look?

Thank you,