BUG: Mail doesn't render correctly

Overall, I like eM Client, but I am finding that occasionally, it does not render mail correctly. A recent email from Google started by showing me a screenful of CSS code, which should have been digested by eM Client. The email displays correctly in Thunderbird and in Gmail, so I don’t think this is a flawed email, it’s a problem in eM Client.

How do I go about reporting a bug? There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism.

Andrew Oliner

It will be a code error in the message you received.

You have VIP Support for your Pro license so you can open a support ticket with us at https://support.emclient.com/

You will need to send a copy of the message so we can investigate the code. To do that right-click in the message body of that broken message and choose Save As. That will create an eml file on your device, which you can attach to the ticket you open.

Hi Gary,

Thank you, I have submitted a ticket. As I said, the email renders properly in other mail clients, so I don’t think the email is broken. Also, the email was from Google, so it is likely to be in the correct format.

Andrew Oliner