Bug in Task List when flagging tasks

I have another slip of the finger bug.

I have numerous folders in my tasks to sort my tasks based on my clients.  Every morning I like to go down my list and flag the things that need to be done today.  Then I can filter on Flag:yes to see just those items.

I have noticed some tasks in the wrong folders.  I haven’t figured out exactly how it happens, but sometimes when I click to flag a task, it moves to another folder.

It looks like it happens if there is any movement with the mouse while clicking on the flag.
It’s trying to drag it to another folder.

Is this just me?

Hi Barbara,
are you sure you just don’t accidentally drag the task when flagging it? Because by holding the mouse and dragging it to different folder is how it’s supposed to move tasks.
If you notice that this happens in any other way when it couldn’t have been possibly dragged by accident, please let us know in detail.

Best regards,


That is the result, but not the intention. It seems that it is too sensitive. If there is any movement in the mouse, the task jumps to another folder. And that’s a 50/50 chance for me especially since I started using a wireless mouse.

Since I am not dragging it to another folder, how v is EMClient deciding which folder to send it to?

Hi Barbara,
as I said, if it happens while flagging I will need more details. Does it always move the tasks to the same folder? Does it happen every time you flag a task? Could it be possible to maybe catch this issue on a short video?

Best regards,

Yes I was able to create a video, but for privacy reasons, I don’t want to post it here.  Can I email it to you?

Of course, send it to rust@emclient.com please. Thank you.