"Bug" in search

I have found out something:

When I do a search for “fahr”, it only finds emails back in 2012, from email: fahrbotmobile@gmail.com. But I knew I had more recent emails to that contact. Then I had to find out what was going on.

I’ve found it. I did another type of search and the emails were there. With another email. support@fahrbot.co.uk

Why didn’t that email show up in the initial “fahr” search? I’ve found out also. If I do a search for “*fahr*” it does find it. But my point is: I believe it should do a complete search even without asterisk, searching in the whole email address for the string. Could this be included in version 7?

Hi Fernando, in case you’re searching for an incomplete e-mail address you have to use wildcards to get the best searchresults, e.g. if you were searching for fahr and you were trying to find the support@fahrbot.co.uk, you’d have to use *fahr*, to point out there’s a missing part of the searched criteria before and after the searched term.

In case, you were searching for the fahrbotmobile@gmail.com address you could use e.g. fahr* to get the correct results.

Hope this helps,

Yes Paul, I have found that out as I’ve pointed in my message. What I mean is a suggestion that the search function is automatically wildcard based, because 99% os the users don’t know about wildcards, and will have extreme difficulty to find the desired email. So it could be standard in version 7 that it search like using wildcards. What do you say?