Bug importing from outlook

I just tried eM Client, but when trying to import my email from Outlook 2002 pst files, I found that the first word of each line (i.e. the first word of the email, and any word immediately after a carriage return) was missing from a lot of messages - or sometimes just the first word of an email would be missing, but all other paragraphs imported fine.

Also the subject line of every single imported message has had two ‘square box’ characters added prior to the actual subject text. Not sure if these problems are related, but if these square boxes are end-of-line characters, then it would appear there is a different interpretation of these by eM Client. Thought I’d mention this as I would certainly prefer to move to eM Client rather than Outlook 2013 if possible!

Hi Gabe, can you please make a screenshot of such imported message? What version of eM client are you currently using?
Would you be able to provide a test PST file from Outlook 2002 for replicating the issue?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, thanks, just got round to this sorry. I’m running v6.0.21040.0. Happy to provide a screenshot and a sample file - where should I send them?

Hi Gabe, if possible, you can add the screenshots here on the forum or send the requested data to my email [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Hello, I just tried out eM Client again two years on and unfortunately this bug still exists in v7.0.26687.0 - do you think it is ever likely to get a look in?

Bump. I should clarify that this is equally relevant when importing from Outlook 2013, so I can’t really migrate at all without losing the first word of each paragraph in my old emails.

Hello Gabe,
since I cannot access the file you sent to Paul anymore, could you perhaps send the PST file to me at [email protected] ?
Does this happen to only some of the older emails or all the emails in the PST file?