BUG - folder rename does not update rules

When you rename a folder that is the target of a rule, the folder name does not get updated in the rule, causing the rule to break. I am seeing this consistently whenever i rename a folder that is used in a rule.

Hello Shanna,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we are aware that this happens as this is expected behavior that some users employ to break the rules. We’re sorry if this approach doesn’t work for you.


For those without special inside information, you would never expect renaming a folder to break rules. That’s a pretty quirky approach. I lost email because of it. Perhaps this needs to be made obvious with a warning when the folder is renamed.

Why not, when you rename a folder, have a little dialog that allows a choice of either breaking rules or not, with the default being the “normal” way (i.e. NOT to break rules). Let the quirkiness be optional :slight_smile:

Hello shanna,

Thank you for the feedback, we can add it as a potential feature request. We’re however sure that it couldn’t cause you to loose any e-mails.


Good, and thanks. It would be nice to see this normalized. The way it is now it’s kind of like using foreign keys on a database, expecting them to maintain database integrity, but discovering later that they actually didn’t do that.

I did actually lose email, because i am using rules to file email when it arrives and leave a second copy in the inbox, which i delete after dealing with. But when a rule stops working i lose the first copy without knowing it until later.