Bug: Error with reminders for hidden calendars


I’ve been mostly enjoying your eM Client software but ran into an error condition that was frustrating until I figured it out.  I had a calendar reminder that I couldn’t dismiss, and when I tried it would crash the client.  I ended up in an endless crash/restart/crash cycle and didn’t use the software for a while.  Then I figured out what caused the issue and thought I’d report it to you.

I have several calendars associated with my GMail account.  However, the reminder in question was on a calendar that wasn’t currently being displayed (ie: unchecked on the calendars tab).  When I realized that and selected the calendar to be shown, I was able to successfully dismiss the past event reminder.

As a software developer, I’d want to know that and am passing along the info.  And I’m back to using your client again.


That is interesting Courtney. There are a few threads dealing with this problem, and this might just be the solution they need.

This forum is monitored by eM Client staff, so I am sure that your info will be picked up and passed to the developers.