Bug - Emails sorted backwards?

Hey guys,

I think my install is bugged, as all my emails are putting the newest ones on the bottom, instead of how it’s supposed to be with new emails on the top like all other programs. 

Did I mess up installing or registering / or I’m just missing the checkbox somewhere? 

I know it’s dumb and I’m obviously missing something so any help appreciated to correct this bug would be great. 


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Just click on the word “Received” at the top of the date column, and it will reverse the sort order.   Pressing it repeatedly sorts on that column, reversing the order each time.  Works on all the other columns, too.

At top of your inbox on the left will be displayed “Sort by Received” and on the right “Oldest”. Click on “Oldest” and it will switch to “Newest”. Clicking on “Received” will allow you to change the property on which the emails are sorted, and clicking on what is displayed on the right at top of Inbox will reverse the sort order. Oldest/Newest and AZ/ZA  depending on sort property.

Hey guys, guess I wasn’t clear, I’m referring to the nested emails inside of the received group.  It stacks new emails in a group cluster (right side of the screen) with the newest at the bottom, opposite of all other email programs.  

I downloaded it i april, So I’m thinking maybe it’s an april fools joke or something dumb, but let me know before I reinstall.  

Any help before that?  Or is anyone else having this bug?

To be clear, you mean you have it set to “show conversations”?

I proposed this as an idea to be considered. Maybe comment and vote on that thread. https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/order-of-messages-in-conversations

Same thing! Still needs to be fixed!