Bring back native window frame

I’ve been pressing “no” or whatever buttton for months to not waste time updating, but now I did and am using version 6.0.19861.0. It has been a huge disappointment, it looks ugly. The new, custom window frame looks like Windows 8’s, although I’m using Windows 7, it’s nothing like my other Windows applications. Due to the fact that it’s custom, it doesn’t work well anymore with bbLean or any other applications that deal with customization/management of windows.

On top of that you got that customer unfriendly policy of forcing the updates down our throats, I can’t even download an older version. Uninstalling this, I regret recommending your product.

I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the new look of our application, can you please provide a screenshot of the issue with customization/management windows?

Thank you and I’m sorry for the late reply,